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renault r7052 user manual

Renault has given all its models a serialized range number, such as R7052. These numbers you find in on the left. Click a series and you will find the available documentation in that series.

To open a document from the site, you with the left-click:


If you want to save a file for later viewing, right-click on:


and choose "save target as ".


Almost all of the downloadable files on this site are in PDF format. To be able to view these documents you need the so called Adobe Reader. Click here of on the "Get Adobe Reader"-button to download this program (remember you need to install it upon downloading).


Throughout the years I have gathered quite some information. A book here, a book there. By this website I want to give others a change to get there hands on that some piece of information.

If you might have any information that is not on this website, and you would like to share it, please mail me the files and I will post them on this site. Bear in mind, two minds always outsmart the single one!