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In october 2004 I got my peice of heirloom, the Renault V72 of my late father, Susse Br. This tractor was bought by my father in the sixties at a firm called Dabekausen in the town of Maabracht. The V72 was meant to replace a Carraro C23 narrowtrack tractor.

From the moment that I knew that this tractor was going to belong to me, I started looking around to see what I would be needing with regard to parts etc.


First I started to investigate the "exact" age of my tractor. With thanks to the Amicale du Tracteur Renault I found out that my Renault V72 was produced in September 1960.

By means of the serial number, #7234314,  which I gave them, that was something they were able to figure out.

Meantimes I have a spreadsheet from which you can determine the age of a tractor by its seriel number. Underneath is a download option to obtain the spreadsheet as a pdf.


Considering this production date, I am the owner of one of the first Renault V72's which was equiped with a modern hydraulic linkage. As of September 1960 the Bendix hydraulic linkage was replaced by Renault's type R 324 hydraulic linkage.

In the next pages you will find a restoration report.